Feeling Comfortable and Secure with a Superior Walls Foundation

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At Superior Walls, we really appreciate it when a satisfied customer contacts us. Bob Mirabile easily fits into that category.

Since having his home built with a Superior Walls foundation five years ago, Bob regularly visits our social media pages and leaves positive comments — which we appreciate!

“We’re truly grateful for our precast concrete foundation,” says Bob, a resident of Lackakwaxen, Pennsylvania in the USA. “Our basement serves as a rec room and it’s always comfortable, no matter what the weather is outside.

“Last winter there were four days when we had no heat. The basement stayed at 44 degrees and we had no frozen pipes. Afterwards we heard that a lot of homes with stick frames or regular crawl spaces had pipes freezing and extreme damage. We know that won’t happen to us with our Superior Walls foundation.”

Bob’s 1,700-square-foot chalet style home was constructed in 2013. He’s been in the commercial construction industry since 1983 and frequently uses panels for his projects. He believes concrete panels are the future of construction and since living with his Superior Walls foundation he’s become an even greater advocate.

“I tell anyone who listens that people should build with Superior Walls,” says Bob. “My precast concrete foundation keeps us warm and safe. We save major money on our energy bills because of this foundation. I’ve never felt any cold conducted into our home via the walls or frame.

“Basically, this is a solid construction product with a lot going for it. Because it’s concrete I feel safer from the threat of fire, freezing temperatures and water damage. This is a product we really love and highly recommend to other homeowners.”

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