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If you’re working with a builder and starting the process of constructing a new home, you’re most likely under a great deal of stress. Decisions need to be made on everything from the floor plan of your dream home to what style windows will be used.

At Superior Walls, we can help reduce your stress. While, as a homeowner you may construct just one or two homes in your lifetime, we work with builders who create dozens of homes each year.  When it comes to the foundation, listen to what these skilled builders have to say about precast concrete foundations from Superior Walls:


Superior Walls products help start off our projects with an energy-efficient foundation. These walls are more aesthetically appealing both inside and outside than poured concrete, they’re easier to finish and they have customizable exteriors. Combine those features with the faster installation time and the built-in thermal breaks in the walls and we’ve got winning foundations for our homes.”

Gary Jurkovich

Pathway Homes


“We’ve used Superior Walls foundations as the starting block for more than 70 of our home projects in the last six years. These precast wall panels make a tremendous difference in creating a home that’s comfortable and energy-efficient. Using these basement foundations has helped me offer homebuyers more value for their investment, establish our company as a leader in the energy efficient home building arena in our area, and grow our business.”

Bill Doud

Doud Builders


“The timeliness and efficiency to which the Superior Walls Xi foundation is installed saves us several days within the construction schedule. Rather than waiting for a poured concrete foundation to dry and settle, we’re ready to begin the subsequent construction sequence the next day. Inside the basement with a Superior Walls Xi foundation, I immediately noticed that the appearance is cleaner and brighter, and I think homeowners will greatly benefit from this.”

Chuck Halsey

Forino Co.

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