New Year, New Foundation

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Is a new home in your future? If you’re considering a new home in 2018, take it from the experts and invest in a precast concrete foundation.

“The selection of a foundation is one of the most critical decisions a new homeowner can make,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. “When constructing a home, concrete block and poured-in-place concrete foundations are time consuming, unattractive and lack energy efficiency.

“Choosing an energy-efficient precast Xior Xi Plus concrete foundation can help ward off heat loss and make the basement a more comfortable area for extended living and storage space. The wall panels provide a dry and exceptionally energy-efficient foundation for a home.”

Costello points out that builders have enthusiastically been using precast concrete wall panels for more than 35 years. Each panel is custom created for the exact needs of a project (including the allowance for window and door openings) and the entire foundation can be set in just a day. This speeds up the overall construction process.

As opposed to concrete blocks or poured concrete, precast concrete panels from Superior Walls are created in the manufacturing process rigid foam insulation. This makes our products a great investment for your new home in 2018!

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