Irish Farmhouse Built with Precast Concrete Walls

It took Cindy Moore 30 years to return to her beloved North Carolina mountains. After living for three decades in Vermont, Moore decided her “last move” would be to western North Carolina … and [...]

Concrete Benefits of Building a Concrete Home

How can someone move from a small, one-bedroom apartment to a two-story 1,940-square-foot home and save 30 percent on their monthly electric and gas bills? Homeowners Ed and Meg Faichtyger did [...]

Several award-winning homes constructed by Bridlewood Builders have one thing in common: they all began with energy-efficient precast concrete foundation systems from Superior Walls. “The custom [...]

Let’s Get Technical

  If you want to know how we construct Superior Walls precast wall panels, we need to get technical. We start with high-strength low-water concrete. That mixture is poured for solid [...]