Superior Walls® Showcases Precast Foundation Walls at 2017 International Builders’ Show

NEW HOLLAND, PA – Coming off its 35th anniversary year, Superior Walls® will showcase a variety of the company’s most popular insulated precast concrete foundation walls at the 2017 [...]

Strong 2016 Housing Starts Increase Demand for Superior Walls Precast Foundations

NEW HOLLAND, PA. – A record-setting year of double-digit growth at Superior Walls serves as an indicator that the robust housing market will continue to expand in 2017. Led by unprecedented [...]

Concrete Advice

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From the Ground Up: Smart Building Choices for Homeowners

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Environmentally-Friendly Superior Walls® Precast Foundation Systems Save Jobsite Time and Labor

BEAUSEJOUR, MANITOBA – Builders across Canada are discovering that the best way to create warm, dry, smart and environmentally-friendly foundations for the home is by installing the Superior [...]

S.D. Jessup Construction Focuses on High Performance Homes

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Superior Walls® Marks 35th Anniversary

NEW HOLLAND, PA. — Superior Walls, innovator of the precast concrete foundation system, celebrates 35 years of operation in 2016. The company manufactures the only foundation to have earned the [...]