Mega Warehouse Created with Superior Walls Precast Concrete Panels

When time is of the essence in a large project, individually-placed concrete blocks just won’t work. That’s what Chris Boel discovered when construction started on his new 16-unit warehouse in [...]

Three Precast Concrete Projects for Three Springs Ministries

When you can’t dig down, build up. That’s the philosophy that Jeff and Deanne Rush used when creating their Three Springs Ministries retreat in Morris, Pa., USA. With just 12 inches of top soil [...]

Police Department Locks Up Energy-Efficient Foundation in New Facility

More than 50 years old, the current Vineland, N.J. Police Department building includes obsolete heat and air conditioning, lacks the necessary space to effectively manage growth, and has an [...]

Snow Leopard Zoo Enclosure Made from Superior Walls Products

Sleek and beautiful, the Snow Leopards at Cape May County Zoo in New Jersey, U.S.A., are enjoying their fifth year in their custom-made home. In fact, they’re so comfortable that they had a pair [...]

Margate Dairy Bar & Burger: Adding on to the Past

Summertime sizzles in southern New Jersey. And no one knows that better than John Mirenda, the builder who was tasked with adding an addition to a popular seaside staple — the Margate Dairy [...]

Builder Relies on Precast Concrete Panels for Commercial Project

Builder John Mirenda had many job site challenges on his mind when he started to re-construct a commercial site. Demolition of an existing building. Saving portions of the slab and foundation for [...]

Commercial Projects and Superior Walls

Thousands of homes have been constructed starting with Superior Walls precast concrete foundations over the years. With so many housing starts, it’s sometimes easy to forget that our [...]