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Thousands of homes have been constructed starting with Superior Walls precast concrete foundations over the years. With so many housing starts, it’s sometimes easy to forget that our durable products can also be used for commercial projects.

Take a look at these unique commercial projects that include Superior Walls products … and let your imagination take you to your future project with an energy efficient precast concrete foundation!

Mills Park Hotel

When construction started in 2015 for the three-story Victorian-style Mills Park Hotel in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in the USA, it began with a Superior Walls Xi foundation.

“I’ve successfully used Superior Walls foundations for more than 20 years in my projects, so it made extreme sense for us to specify these energy-efficient products as part of Mills Park Hotel,” says Tedd Donnell, project architect and construction manager with Axis Architecture, Inc. “The trueness and squareness of the Superior Walls panels make the system installation easy on the jobsite. And, the thermal barrier within the Xi system is a major plus for the owners of the hotel.

“I have confidence that the Superior Walls foundation will serve this facility admirably for many years to come. Starting the project with these precast concrete walls gives us a high quality foundation in less time. These panels are environmentally-friendly and provide a strong, damp-free system we can rely on.”

Asheville Yoga Center

When Elm Construction & Design broke ground for the new state-of-the-art Asheville Yoga Center several years ago, they knew the clock was ticking. They won the construction bid based on speeding up the building cycle. To achieve this, they relied on an above ground application of Xi precast concrete panels from Superior Walls of North Carolina.

“The AG™ Wall System is a fast, efficient way to construct homes and commercial projects from the ground up,” says Trey Greer, owner of Elm Construction & Design in Asheville. “For the Asheville Yoga Center, this is a great application because we could bury part of the wall below grade, construct sidewalks right up against the wall system and then create the entire building out of the precast wall panels. We cut almost a month off a typical construction schedule by using the Superior Walls products.”


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