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On October 24th of this year, Ed Hudson, Director of Marketing Research Services with Home Innovation Research Labs reported on results of a home builder survey from August of 2019. Home Innovation asked the builders several questions targeted at their potential use of offsite construction technologies.

Naturally, since we manufacture precast concrete foundation systems at offsite locations, we at Superior Walls were interested in the research findings. We believe you’ll be interested too.

Growth of Precast Foundations

In the online summary report, Hudson shares that surveyed builders anticipate an accelerated use of offsite construction methods in the next five years. These include roof trusses, open wall panels and pre-cut framing packages. They also indicated an anticipation of using more precast concrete products in the coming years.

As our country struggles with the ongoing need for qualified tradesmen and subcontractors, the desire for offsite construction products is growing. But in the case of Superior Walls, that’s not the primary reason for our growth.

When choosing a precast concrete foundation system from Superior Walls, you’re choosing a superior foundation product custom created specifically for your project.

The foundation walls we craft for you are insulated throughout, including the corners, studs and bond beams. Special designing from Superior Walls makes each wall thermally isolated and insulated from exterior elements, resulting in a superior product for below-ground foundation system installation. Insulation added to each panel adds warmth and increases the overall energy efficiency of the foundation.

Getting More with Superior Walls

When it comes time to select the foundation for your next project, you may lean toward Superior Walls for the ease and speed of getting your home started. However, always know that you get more than just manpower and jobsite savings with a Superior Walls foundation.

You get panels that are custom designed and long-lasting. You get panels that are damp-proof and fire resistant. And, you get an entire precast concrete foundation system that is manufactured to precise specifications and dimensional accuracy to provide decades of stability and energy efficiency.

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