Building Your Dream Home on a Superior Foundation

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You’ve saved for it, planned for it and dreamed of it. Your custom home may have been in your mind for many years. When it comes time to turn those dreams into reality, make sure you start with the very best foundation system available.

The Superior Walls Xi Plus precast concrete foundation system can provide you with long-term comfort, confidence and peace-of-mind.

A Dream Foundation

Not just any foundation will do for your dream home. You want a foundation that will provide solid insulation and dependability for decades to come.

Here’s our secret. When provided with ½” of polyisocyanurate insulation and 4-1/2″ of rigid foam insulation, Xi Plus wall systems manufactured in the U.S. have a cavity insulation value of R-21.3. In Canada, the Xi Plus wall system is provided with 5” of Neopor rigid thermal insulation with a cavity insulation value of R-23. These high insulation values assure you of a comfortable, energy-efficient foundation.

During the custom manufacturing process of each Xi Plus panel, four insulated access holes are included in each standard stud to provide greater ease in wiring and plumbing. And, the Xi Plus wall system also comes with a 4” insulated bottom footer beam. A standard 4″ thick floor slab may be poured equal to the height of the footer beam, eliminating the need for an additional screed board, saving time and money in the construction process.

What does all this mean to you? A solid foundation for your future.

When you’re ready to take the next step, contact a Superior Walls dealer to talk about how they can help turn your dreams into a dream home.


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