Our Gray Walls Become Green

 In Energy Savings, Environmental

It’s a trick of the eyes.

When installed, Superior Walls products are gray in color … but they’re really green.

Superior Walls is a manufacturer of NGBS Green Certified products. Since February 12, 2013, Superior Walls Insulated Precast Concrete Wall products have been pre-qualified to earn specific green points as Green Certified Products by Home Innovation Research Labs. Our precast concrete foundation panels have earned points in categories for resource efficiency, energy efficiency and indoor environmental air quality.

How do we do it?

Our foundations feature a continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, resulting in a tight thermal envelope to increase comfort and to reduce energy costs. We feature R-21.3 (in US Markets) and R-23 (in Canadian Markets) insulation in the Xi Plus wall system and R-12.5 insulation in the Xi wall system. And, if more insulation is desired, both systems provide room for additional insulation if desired.

The best news is that building with Superior Walls provides a home with an exceptional thermal envelope, minimizing the potential for energy loss. Our combination of built-in insulation and high strength concrete provides a great foundation for energy conservation … and for long-term energy savings.



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