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It’s all about the air during the month of May. This is Breathe Easy Month and Clean Air Month … and right now we’re in the middle of Air Quality Awareness Week!

If you’re building a new home, the quality of the air in your house should be a prime consideration. You might remember going into the damp, musty basements of older family members in the past. That experience — and the poor air quality that goes with it — is a thing of the past when using a Superior Walls precast concrete foundation for a home’s basement.

Quite simply, Superior Walls products help create a dry, dampproof basement. Superior Walls 5000 psi concrete, with a lower water-to-cement ratio, ensures durability and helps prevent the transfer of moisture through the wall. A dry basement will improve air quality by minimizing the possibility of mold that can be found in traditional basements.

There’s more good news.  Superior Walls foundation panels are insulated throughout, including the corners, studs and bond beams. Special engineering from Superior Walls makes each wall thermally isolated and insulated from exterior elements, resulting in a superior product for below-ground foundation system installation.

Available for installation year-round in all types of weather, Superior Walls foundation panels are custom-designed and built to provide warm, dry basements for homeowners – even in the harshest climates.

So go ahead — take a deep breath! Enjoy the superior quality of your air in a home created with a Superior Walls foundation.

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