Answering Your Superior Walls Questions

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We’re continuing to answer your questions about Superior Walls products in this blog. Dive in to learn more about our precast concrete panel products!

What is the R-value of a Superior Walls foundation?

The original R-5 wall system was delivered with 1″ of DOW insulation with an R-value of 5. The Xi wall system has 2-1/2″ of DOW insulation which has an R-value of 12.5. The Xi Plus wall system is available with an R-value of 21.3 (US markets) and 23 (Canada). Please check with your local Superior Walls supplier for availability, as not all Superior Walls products are available in all market areas.

Can additional insulation be added to a Superior Walls foundation?

Additional insulation may be installed in Superior Walls products. Since open cell products, like fiberglass batts, could contribute to moisture issues, we recommend closed cell insulation products, like DOW Styrofoam.

The idea here is to prevent the moisture present in the air from penetrating the insulation and reaching the cooler wall surface and condensing. Closed cell insulation will keep any airborne vapor on the room (warm) side of the insulation, minimizing chances for condensation.

Please refer to “Adding Insulation” on our Public Documents page for more details.

What are the standard heights and lengths of Superior Walls panels?

Because Superior Walls are custom made, wall lengths vary. Maximum wall length is determined by panel weight, allowable crane reach and foundation geometry. The standard wall heights are 4′-0″, 4′-8″, 8′-2″, 9′-0″, and 10′-0″. Not all wall heights are available in all areas. Please check with your local Superior Walls supplier for availability.

How soon can the walls be backfilled after installation?

To comply with building code requirements, the wall must be supported at both the top and bottom of the wall prior to the placement of backfill. This means that the framing/decking connection at the top of the wall must be completed and the floor slab at the bottom of the wall must be installed prior to backfilling.

Please refer to our Builder Guideline Booklet available on our Public Documents page for more details.

What is the Superior Walls warranty?

Superior Walls brand products are manufactured and installed by independently owned and operated factories licensed by Superior Walls of America, Ltd.

Each of these independently operated factories (Licensees) provides a limited warranty on their Superior Walls products. The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials as well as sidewall water penetration. Warranty terms may vary because of state and local regulations and the market strategies of individual licensees. Service under the warranty is solely the responsibility of the licensee.


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