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Here we go with our final Q&A of the month. We hope you’ll find answers to your Superior Walls questions. Visit our website for more details on our energy-efficient products!

Where can I obtain design values for the Superior Walls panels?

The ICC Evaluation Service has created an Evaluation Service Report (ESR) for our Xi wall systems (ESR-1662), which is available from our website. In Canada, the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) has created Evaluation Report CCMC 13628-R for our Xi wall systems.  These reports contain valuable design value information, such as allowable loads and uses for the wall system.

What types of exterior finishes can be applied to a Superior Walls foundation?

Superior Walls panels are produced with a brushed finish that may simply be left as is, or that readily accepts multiple exterior finishes like paint, stucco, cultured/manufactured stone, or stone or brick veneer through the use of ledges that are cast onto the walls during the manufacturing process.

Major paint manufacturers typically recommend the use of elastomeric acrylic paints and other similar masonry paint or stain products with precast concrete products.

Stucco and cultured/manufactured stone should be applied per the manufacturer’s recommendations, which could involve first cleaning the wall panels with a pressure washer, then prepping the wall surface by etching the surface with a wire brush or a masonry acid wash solution.  Wire lath could be used to span the panel joints, but must be attached with masonry screws.

How do I attach drywall to my Superior Walls foundation?

After the corner studs and all blocking are in place, the Superior Walls panels are ready for drywall.  A minimum ½” drywall is recommended to span the stud spacing.  It is best to leave a ½” gap between the concrete floor and the bottom of the drywall to prevent moisture absorption into the drywall.  This moisture can cause drywall deterioration and paint finish problems.

Attach the drywall using 1” drywall screws (fine thread / sharp point).  A solid bead of construction adhesive should be applied to the top bond beam and the face of the stud.

Please refer to our Public Documents page for more details.

Where can I find information about finishing my basement?

The Superior Walls “Homeowner’s Guide,” available from our website individually or as a part of the complete “Builder Guideline Booklet,” contains helpful information about finishing your basement.  We also have many helpful “How To” documents in our Documents Center on adding insulation, drywall blocking, and many other topics.

Please refer to our Public Documents page for more details.

Can I add a window or door to an existing Superior Walls foundation?

Yes. Following an evaluation of issues like point loads, bearing walls, and frost protection, a window or door can be added to an existing Superior Walls foundation.

See your Superior Walls rep for guidance when considering adding a door or window. As with other procedures that involve revising the existing foundation wall, an engineer or other person competent in applying the structural design principals involved should be consulted.

Please refer to the “Tech Resources” section our Public Documents page for more details


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