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Congratulations, you’re building a new home! Now, let’s get organized!

The first week of October is traditionally “Get Organized Week” and, if you’re involved in the construction of a new home, that means lots of lists and attention to details.

At Superior Walls, we can help you check off one very important thing from your “to do” list — arrange for an energy-efficient foundation.

Starting with a Superior Walls precast concrete foundation for your home means getting the entire construction process organized efficiently right from the beginning.  Our custom-made foundation walls are made to your project’s exact specifications in our climate-controlled factory. Once complete, the panels are shipped to the job site and set in place — generally in a day or less.

Getting organized and started with a new home construction has never been so simple, or had such great results. As opposed to concrete blocks or poured concrete, precast concrete panels from Superior Walls are created in the manufacturing process with DOW® Styrofoam boards, which provide excellent rigid foam insulation. These walls provide a dry and exceptionally energy-efficient foundation for a home, plus they create a barrier against sidewall water penetration.

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