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If you’re a Baby Boomer you may not spend a great deal of time on social media. But watch out. Those in the Millennial category and younger are indeed investing huge chunks of time on social media — so that’s where we’re connecting with them (or you!).

Superior Walls has taken a step to enhance our relationship to those using social media. While we’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter for many years, we’ve recently jumped into Instagram.

Why? Because pictures tell a story quickly — and we’ve got pictures to tell our story!

Follow us on Instagram and you can watch housing foundations created from the ground up with our precast concrete panels. You’ll read testimonials from satisfied homeowners and builders who have invested in Superior Walls foundations. And, you’ll see behind-the-scenes pictures of our products being created.

Finally, if our great pictures aren’t enough and you want still more details on our products (and who wouldn’t?) … then we invite you to our Superior Walls YouTube site. Here you’ll find videos from homeowners living with Superior Walls products, tours of our factories and builders talking about our products.

However you choose to stay updated on our Superior Walls products, we’re happy to connect with YOU!


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