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If you’re a builder, most likely you’re thinking about changing homeowner trends, labor shortages in the work place and challenges on the job site. Maybe your focus takes you a year ahead of where you are right now. But do you have any idea what the trends in our industry will be like in five years?

Ed Hudson, Director of Marketing Research Services at Home Innovation Research Labs in Maryland knows.

That’s because Hudson completed a survey in December 2018 measuring the future intentions of home builders when it comes to using building components and off-site housing technologies. What did he find? That the 300 builders surveyed expect the usage of all types of “pre-created” building components to jump drastically in the next five years.

From roof trusses to panelized, pre-assembled floors, builders anticipate less “on site” construction and using more off site created building components. This saves the builder time, labor and job stresses. And, in many cases, money.

38 Years Ahead of the Trends

At Superior Walls, we’re already five years ahead of the game — for the last 38 years. That’s how long we’ve provided precast concrete foundation panels to the housing industry.

Made offsite in our factory-controlled environment, Superior Walls panels are custom made for every project. Then they’re transported to the jobsite where installation usually takes less than a day. That means building can start the very next day!

For more insights in what to look for over the next five year, click HERE to read Hudson’s blog “On Trend with Off Site: When & Where Offsite Housing Technologies Will Emerge.” And, when you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of precast concrete panel foundation systems, visit our online Dealer Locator to learn if there’s a Superior Walls dealer in your area.



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