Builder’s Christmas Wish List

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What’s too big to fit in Santa’s gift bag, but is on the wish list of every builder? Why, a Superior Walls foundation, of course!

While you won’t see our foundations under the Christmas tree, you will find them under the floors of many homes across North America. And, builders looking to get out of the cold and into constructing their homes faster will tell you they’re relying on Superior Walls foundations to give them a quick start on their new home projects.

            “The short, cold days of winter offer some of the worst conditions for builders beginning new projects,” says Keith Weller, CFO of Superior Walls. “When your construction crew is facing brutal weather conditions it’s really hard to get work done. We help solve that problem by providing certified crews who install custom foundation systems in just one day. After that, a builder and his crew can immediately begin construction.”

Made in factory controlled settings, Superior Walls panels are custom made to the exact specifications of a project. Whether it’s creating openings for windows or space for plumbing and electrical needs, our walls are made to fit the needs of individual projects.

“Just imagine having the foundation installed in six to eight hours and then starting to frame-in the project the very next day,” says Weller. “That not only saves on jobsite construction labor and costs, it makes life a bit easier for the entire crew!”

So, while Santa may not be able to deliver a Superior Walls foundation under your tree, the Superior Walls team can certainly have one available at your job site. Click HERE to find the nearest Superior Walls location closest to you!

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