Five Great Reasons to Invest in a Superior Walls Foundation

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We could share dozens of reasons with you why a Superior Walls foundation is the best way to start the construction of a home. But, we’ll pick just five to entice you to learn more about our energy-efficient precast concrete system.

Reason #1Custom designed for you. Each foundation is specifically created to meet the structural needs of your home, allowing openings for windows, doors and electrical work. This speeds up the process on the jobsite and allows a builder to start construction the day after the walls are set in place.

Reason #2Save on energy bills. Research indicates that an uninsulated basement can account for over 33% of the total heat loss in a home. That’s why Superior Walls foundations feature a continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, resulting in high energy efficiency to help reduce energy costs. Click HERE for more green information.

Reason #3Good indoor air quality. Breathe deeply. Superior Walls 5000 psi concrete, engineered with a lower water-to-cement ratio, ensures durability and helps prevent the transfer of moisture through the wall. A dry basement will limit the possibility of mold and other airborne fungus that can be found in traditional basements and affect air quality.

Reason #4We save natural resources. Our foundation wall panels are engineered and manufactured with insulated concrete studs. This means that Superior Walls reduces the amount of materials used to build a new home, including wood and concrete, and reduces the carbon footprint of a new home’s construction process.

Reason #5No On-Site Soil Contamination. Superior Walls foundations are built in an indoor production facility, eliminating any on-site soil contamination such as oil that can be used for poured-in-place walls. And, because dampproofing is built into our walls, no on-site sprays or bituminous coatings are required on the jobsite to make the walls dampproof.

Discover more reasons to request a Superior Walls foundation on our website. Just click HERE!

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