Superior Walls Foundations Springing Up!

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Spring has finally arrived. Warmer breezes, buds on trees and greener lawns all make us start thinking about the outdoors — and the environment.

At Superior Walls, we’re always thinking green. That’s because our precast concrete foundations feature a continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, resulting in high energy efficiency to help you reduce energy costs.

Our wall design provides room to easily increase the amount of insulation without any need to install additional framing. That’s an important benefit to you. New homes built with Superior Walls precast concrete foundation systems benefit from lasting increased building efficiencies that are superior in every way.

Not only do our panels help reduce energy loss and lower overall energy costs, they also help save valuable resources. Since our foundation panels are engineered and manufactured with insulated concrete studs, Superior Walls reduces the amount of materials used to build your new home — including wood and concrete. Our products also help reduce the carbon footprint of your home’s construction process.

Concerned about job site waste and soil contamination at the job site? Then you definitely want to look at our Superior Walls products.

Our efficient, factory-controlled production process ensures that your Superior Walls foundation arrives at your home site ready to install, producing virtually no on-site waste, with the least environmental site impact of any foundation system! And, your Superior Walls foundation will be built in an indoor production facility, eliminating any on-site soil contamination from such as the form oil used for poured walls.  And because dampproofing is built into our walls, no on-site sprays or bituminous coatings are required to make the walls dampproof.

Click HERE to learn more about the green details associated with your next Superior Walls foundation!


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