Why Should I Select a Superior Walls Foundation?

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Whether you’re a Canadian homeowner or builder, the start of a new home project is always exciting. You’ve been planning out a house and you’re eager to start seeing construction get started. Now.

That’s where we come in. Superior Walls precast foundation panels are custom made at our manufacturing facility and then transported to the job site by our certified team of installers.

The day starts with careful placement of the concrete foundation panels onto a footing of crushed stone. Eight hours later, the entire foundation is typically set and secured. Now you can start construction the very next day!

Along with speeding up the construction process, the long-term results of using durable Superior Walls foundations are amazing. Your home will have a higher value. Your energy bills will be lower. And, the added space in the basement means you can have more livable area in the home.

Superior Walls … a fast, warm, dry and efficient way to start your home construction.

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