Xi Plus Foundations = Warm, Dry Basements

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Do your 2018 plans include a new home? If so, start by exploring the many benefits of a dry, warm and comfortable foundation from Superior Walls.

Canadian builders have discovered that beginning a project with the Xi Plus Superior Walls System means ending it with happy, satisfied customers.

Xi Plus precast concrete walls made in Canada feature 5″ Neopor® Rigid Thermal Insulation to provide an insulation value of R-23. Four insulated access holes are included in each standard stud to provide greater ease in wiring and plumbing.

The Xi Plus walls also come with a four-inch insulated bottom footer beam. The standard 4″ thick floor slab may be poured equal to the height of the footer beam, eliminating the need for an additional screed board, saving time and money in the construction process.

 Starting a home with a Superior Walls foundation means long-lasting energy efficiency savings for homeowners. The insulated precast concrete wall panels provide an excellent thermal envelop for the home, minimizing energy loss. Overall, the combination of built-in insulation and high strength concrete is a great foundation for energy conservation and reduced energy bills.

This year, when it’s time to make your New Year’s resolution, resolve to create an energy-efficient home starting with a Superior Walls precast concrete system.

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